Monday, June 7, 2010

Fundraisers, Fundraisers, and MORE Fundraisers!!!

We had our yard sale on Saturday and it was such a HUGE success! We truly are blessed to have met the people we have through this amazing adoption journey. It has brought so many wonderful people into our lives. Without all of these people our fundraising efforts would truly not have been possible.

For our yardsale we were fortunate enough to have had it at a friend's house and so many of my friend's friends donated items to the sale. They also helped set up the yard sale, they helped at the yardsale, and they helped bring a ton of stuff to good will after the yard sale. These were all people who didn't know me or my family, but they were there helping us none the less. Thank you so much!!

We also had several friends of ours donate their things to us for our yardsale and we are so thankful to you as well. It is just amazing how everyone just helped out in so many ways!

Now with that yardsale over we are focusing on our last efforts to sell tickets to the Carolina Mudcats Game this Thursday June 10th. The game is at 7:15pm and tickets are just $5 each. We are hoping in the next two days we are able to sell some more tickets. As of right now its not looking very promising. We will see what the next couple of days holds for us. Maybe there are some last minute "shoppers" out there ready to buy up some tickets. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

We are also going to have one last yard sale in a couple of weeks. We just have to get through this next fundraiser on Thursday before we can figure out all the details of the next yard sale. (So much to do)!!


  1. I'm glad the yard sale was a success. You're getting there. I know the money will come just when you need it!!! It is amazing over here. You're going to have the time if your life!


  2. I'm glad that yard sale was such a success and I pray some people scoop up those mudcats tickets. If the game were a little closer to me I'd buy a bunch from you. :-)