Thursday, June 10, 2010


When Chris and I initially began our journey to adopt Milana there was pretty much always something to do. Forms to fill out and get notarized. Forms to bring downtown to get apostilled. Well now all of our forms are complete and we are just sort of waiting.

We are waiting for our dossier (or adoption paperwork) to get submitted to the SDA (State Dept. of Adoptions). After going missing for awhile our dossier finally made it to Eastern Europe and to Milana's country Friday June 4.

I have been praying that that would be enough time for them to translate our documents and get them submitted by today. I know its a long shot, but you never know. So now here it is Thursday and I am still praying that we get submitted. If we don't get submitted today then we are looking at possibly NEXT Thursday.

Waiting is so hard to do. Especially when you are trying to save a child!


  1. I know all about waiting!! We are waiting for the SDA to give us a date so we are only a few weeks ahead of you guys. If they reject our paperwork of course then we are back down the chute! I don't particularly like this game! Praying for you to hear today that you are submitted!

  2. Waiting sucks. My M has been teaching me patience, patience, and more patience. God knows the best timing, but I'll pray it made it for translation today too. :-)