Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Visit With Friends

Yesterday was such a great day. Peyton, Riley, and I spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning their new room and Milana's new room. (There is still so much to be done).

Later in the afternoon we got to meet someone very special. Little Miss Nadia. Isn't she precious??

Look at those beautiful eyes?? She is such a doll!
I just love this face that she makes. I really think she could replace the etrade baby and take his job.
Riley and Peyton were so excited to meet Nadia. They were also thrilled to get to play with their buddy Josi who they just love playing with. They were really bummed when it was time to go home :(
As excited as I was to see Nadia I was also thrilled to get to see her Mom (Kristin). She has been an amazing support to me throughout our adoption process. She even bought Milana her very first outfit. (Which by the way I can't wait to get her home and put her in). Welcome home Kristin. I missed you! I'm so happy that you are home with your precious little angel.
I can't wait to have another visit and hear more about your trip! Looking forward to your travel tips as well :)

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  1. I just noticed this post. You're so thoughtful to put pictures of our new sweetie on your blog. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and your family and count our friendship as one of the many blessings of this adoption!

    Where are you? Drove by your house this morning and no cars were there. You probably told me but I forgot. :(