Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling Defeated

I've been trying really hard to keep busy since last week. We thought that our paperwork would be submitted to the SDA (State Dept. of Adoptions) in Milana's country in Eastern Europe. We were wrong. Early in the week (last week) we found out that we had to re-do a form - which we did. And we sent it off to EE.

So we have been hoping and praying to be submitted now this week. Unfortunately, we just found out we have to re-do the same form. At the moment I am feeling a little defeated. Through the course of this paperwork nightmare we have done forms over and over and over again. I really thought once we got them to Milana's country all would be well. Fortunately it is just the one form. I know it could be so much worse. I really do. I'm just getting tired. I really want to be able to get to my little girl. We all do.

I'm not going to give up hope that we may yet still be submitted. Please pray that we do. The sooner we get submitted the sooner we get a dateto travel to Milana's country and the sooner we get a date the sooner we get to Milana and the sooner we get to Milana the sooner we get her home. So please, please say a prayer it all works out and we get there soon.


  1. It IS so discouraging when you can't seem to get here fast enough. And now I can't seem to get home fast enough! You'll get here before you know it. Hugs, hang in there!

  2. So sorry! Praying for things to work out quickly.

  3. Hang on Jennifer! I know the frustration of paperwork taking forever!! Hugs to you!!

  4. oh how discouraging. I'll be specific in my prayers for this paperwork to be processed quickly.

  5. Oh YUCK!! What in the world?? Well, just remember it is God's timing even though I know it is frustrating. I'll be praying..... and I've got a lot of donations for the suitcase!