Monday, November 22, 2010

The First Day Story...

Milana must have known something was up last night as it took her forever to fall asleep. At 9:30 last night she was still fussing in bed. Then this morning we got a 5:45 a.m. wake up call. (Which we ignored until she started to scream). When I went into her room there she was sitting up with her finger stuck to her head. She had been twirling her hair and her finger was literally stuck to her head. What a sight!

For most of the morning my poor sweetie was tired and cranky. As I was trying to get everyone out the door she cried and cried. We did manage to get some cute pics of her w/her backpack on.

Peyton and Riley went with me this morning to bring Milana to school. When it was time for the three of us to leave Milana gave us all kisses and hugs and waived goodbye to us. Fortunately she did not shed a tear!

All day long I waited on pins and needles to find out about her day. When I got to school to pick her up she was outside playing. As soon as she saw me her face lit up and she came waddling over to me with her arms extended and gave me a great big hug.

After I got my hug she headed back towards the playground. She went straight towards the sand box. Oh how I hate the sandbox! When we were in Ukraine she would sit in the sandbox and every now and again she'd eat a handful of sand. YUCK!!!!

I managed to keep her out of the sandbox and told her we had to go. I don't think she was happy about that. The poor thing was torn. She wanted me and she wanted to play on the playground as well. Eventually she decided to come with me. So we headed inside her classroom, packed up, and headed out.

On the way out of the building this adorable little kindergarten kid told me my baby was really cute. I told him that she went to school there too and he couldn't believe it. He asked me if he could touch her. When I told him yes he put his hand on her arm ever so lightly. It was so cute!

The note from Milana's teacher said that she had a good day - that she was calm. Wait til she gets comfortable. This kid is good at pretending she is quiet and calm. She is LOUD and BUSY!!! Apparently she didn't nap, but stayed on her cot. She also didn't eat all of her lunch which is very surprising. She must have been in shock or something.

Chris and I are just so excited she is in school where she can be with other children and learn. This is so good for her! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :)


  1. Oh YAY!!

    I LOVE that she said doggie!!!

    I LOVE that she had such a good first day of school, even if it did start with a finger stuck to her head!!! :)

    I LOVE the pictures of miss princess in her car seat and at school!

    I LOVE that she has her first Thanksgiving with such a wonderful family!!!!!

    Oh, she just makes my heart melt! She seems to fit into your family so perfectly. And, THANK YOU, for your heartfelt and honest e-mail that you sent me.... I REALLY needed it, and I am so sorry that I have not responded yet. *sigh* It's time consuming being a part-time parent. ;) Wait until we have the kids 24/7! Yikes!!

    Stay out of the sandbox Milana! Victor tries to eat the sand too- yuck!


  2. You go Milana! She'll be the princess of the classroom before too long I'm sure! She'll have those teachers totally wrapped around her tiny little finger because she's just so darn cute!!! Travelling home late tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see you guys back in Raleigh for a playdate soon. :)

  3. What a wonderful start for Milana! I have some pjs for her. I will get them to Kristin so remind her to bring them on your playdate.Glad to hear how well school went!