Saturday, November 20, 2010

What A Day

Today was quite the day. Milana, Riley, Peyton, and I spent some time laying on the livingroom floor coloring. After about 20 minutes of coloring I think I might have taken my eyes off of Milana for like 5 seconds and the next thing I know Riley is telling me that Milana bit off a chunk of crayon. Poor Riley was so upset. I told her not to worry and went in after that large chunk of crayon.

Big mistake on my part. I almost lost my finger in the process. Milana bit my finger so hard I truly thought she was going to break my finger. I gave up on the chunk of crayon and decided to work on getting my finger back in one piece. Which I did, but I got more than the teeth marks to show for it. She broke the skin and drew blood -- OUCH!!! The little stinker. I guess that crayon was too tastey to let go of :) Later on in the day I put Milana down for her nap. Shortly after she started fussing. Now usually I just leave her be, but for whatever reason I thought I'd go take a peek at her and see what she was up to. (If only I had a camera with me).
When I walked in her room I noticed she was sitting up in bed so I told her to lay down and get to sleep. Milana just sat there. As I got closer I had to do a double take. This little stinker was sitting on her bed with her pants unsnapped, her onsie unsnapped and her diaper ripped open. So there she is all exposed if you will just sitting there hanging out.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I was thankful that she chose to do this then rather than this morning when her diaper was a bit more messy if you will.
She did eventually take her nap. First I decided to put her in her pj's so she wouldn't be tempted to unsnap anything else. (Or take her diaper off again). I guess I should have went w/the pull up for naptime instead. That would have been more difficult for her to get off.
I'm hoping this was a one time only kind of thing. Otherwise I'll have to find a way to keep her from stripping down!

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  1. Ouch! Stas has a bite that can cause serious damage too!!!