Thursday, November 4, 2010

Without All of You

We were so fortunate throughout our adoption journey to have the support of family and friends. Everyone was so amazing in helping us bring our little girl home. Without this support it would not have been possible to bring Milana home to us.

There are so many children out there who don't have a Mommy or Daddy or a brother or a sister. These children are looked at as having no place in their society. They are placed in orphanages in most cases from birth because their society believes they are not able to learn to read or write or one day have jobs. They are not cared for the way a child should be cared for.

With everyone's prayers, love, and support we were able to raise the money needed to bring Milana home to us. There are so many children who still need homes! There are so many families who want to bring these children home, but the biggest thing that stops them is money. That hurts my heart so much knowing that children are dying and we can help them.
This sweet little angel is Theo. He lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe and needs a family. Maybe it is you. Maybe it isn't. But you could help him find a family by donating to his adoption fund. If you donate $35 by Dec. 15 you will get an ornament with his picture on it. You will also have helped him by making it easier for a family to come forward and adopt him.

You don't have to donate $35. You can donate any amount that you are able - less, more. It is up to you. Please consider donating to Theo's adoption fund. All you have to do is click on the chip in on my blog. Your donation is completely tax deductible.

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