Monday, November 1, 2010

Slacker Mom Of The Year

This year we didn't exactly celebrate Halloween. Our original plan was for me to take the girls to participate in a Halloween Parade as we do every year. They were going to be Hobo twins. (Yes, you read that correctly - Hobo Twins).

Then just a few days before Halloween they changed their minds. No one knew what to be. The day before Halloween still nothing. So...we changed plans. We decided to have a fun Halloween at home and bake. We made a fabulous apple crisp. Riley & Peyton did a great job baking. It was so yummy! Seriously - they did an amazing job. These girls can bake :) I never planned on dressing Milana up. It was one thing for me to just check off my to do list and not worry about as she has no clue what Halloween is and has never celebrated it. She did get to have a piece of Halloween candy. It was her first piece of American candy - a Reese's Peanutbutter Cup :)
We did look through some old dressups of Peyton's and Riley's and put her in this little ballet outfit. It was a bit big, but she still looks cute none the less.

Don't you just love the purse? She kept putting her cell phone in it and then putting the purse up on her shoulder. What a riot!
She really loves this mask. Peyton kept calling her the red storm trooper. Both Riley and Peyton had a blast playing dress up with their little sister!
If only Karissa had been home to join in the fun. Maybe we can get some dress up picks of all four girls when Karissa comes home for Thanksgiving! Fun!


  1. I wish your girls had done the hobo twins idea for nostalgic reasons. See one year, I was a bag lady. Politically incorrect toward indigent people, I know. But it was all my mom could come up with at the last minute using old clothes from the attic. :)
    Love Milana's purse obsession. I hope Caroline is a "girly girl" like that. If we get her home after all the years of waiting and she wants to deer hunt with her dad and brothers, I will be devastated! LOL :)

  2. You're not a slacker mom...just a very busy one! Looks to me like Plan B might have been better than Plan A for the entire family!!

  3. Wow, Milana looks totally attached to her big sisters! What sweet photos! Sounds like a great way to celebrate Halloween to me (better than all the running around).

  4. This sounds like the best Halloween ever - really!