Monday, January 17, 2011

About This Time Last Year...

It was about this time last year when I came across a website Just days after that first big earthquake devestated Haiti Chris & I were talking about all those people who lost their lives. We talked about all the children who lost their families. We so wanted to help those children.

I remember him saying how he would bring 2 0r 3 home if he could. My first thought was how wonderful it would be to bring these children into our home. Then I realized that I could NEVER leave the girls for an extended period of time. I had never been away from them for longer than a one night sleepover. The thought scared me, but at the same time I felt the need to look into adoption for the first time in my life.

When we got home that night I googled adoption and found Reece's Rainbow. From that night on Riley, Peyton, and I looked at that website EVERY night before bed. We got to know and love all the beautiful faces on there. (Milana was not on there at this time).

The girls and I would talk about which children we wanted to bring home - ALL of them of course :) As children got commitments from families we did happy dances for each one of them. At this time we weren't looking to adopt - at least not officially. The green light to choose a child didn't come just yet. That didn't stop us from looking and getting to know all th0se cute little faces.


  1. I like it when people tell their "why we decided to adopt" stories...and for the RR families, how you knew that a particular child was meant for you. :) Ok, I've got to get back to folding clothes now since we're on a reading break! :)

  2. You just never know what God has planned for your family! That was a really neat reflection to read (and I saw your comment in my blog and yes, I will meet you at ANY Cracker Barrel anytime!!!!)