Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The House of Sick

I feel like my house is infested with illness lately. Over the Christmas Break I came down with a terrible stomach bug and was sick for days. Then Chris got it (after insisting he wouldn't get it). We thought we were in the clear when a few more days went by and the girls hadn't gotten it yet. Of course we were wrong. Riley ended up with it too.

Yesterday both Riley and Peyton stayed home sick. They both had a headache and a stomachache. Poor things. I was so excited this morning when both girls were feeling better.

Then I went in to get Milana dressed and ready for school. When I picked her up she felt really warm. She had a temperature of about 101. Poor thing. This is the first time she has been sick since she came home four months ago. (Can you believe its been 4 months already)?? Since I had to bring the girls to school this morning she had to make the trip in with me. We stayed for a while so I could do a few things before bringing her back home. Today was the worst day for me to stay home. We were fortunate enough to have my mother in law be able to come stay with her from mid morning on.
Little Miss Milana slept on and off ALL day. So she must really not be feeling well as she generally doesn't like to miss a trick.

Not sure why this picture decided to turn sideways, but this was her attempt at being silly even though she isn't feeling well. Every now and then she will pretend her finger hurts, touch it, and then start whining and give me a hug. She is SUCH a faker and does this quite a bit. Not sure why. It is really funny though. I should probably discourage it, but it does crack me up. So I just keep hugging her and telling her "You poor baby. Give Mommy a hug!" She cracks up at that!
I hope she starts to feel better soon. Poor thing is really burning up. I can't stand it when any of my girls are sick :(
Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon and everyone stays healthy for a while. Poor baby!!! I just want to snuggle her non-stop!


  1. My kids were always cuddly when they were sick...that's about the only time they'd slow down enough! Milana is sooo cute. That sideways pic is just adorable! :)

  2. Aww I am so sorry everyone is sick! I will be praying that sickness flees and everyone gets well!

  3. Hope she gets better soon poor baby! Nadia is still not 100% either. boo.

  4. You are so sweet to ask what you can do for me when you have enough sickness to deal with!! I hope you all get well and STAY WELL the rest of the year:) We are holding our own, I'm not going down without a fight-LOL!!!