Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Anybody Up For A Swim??

I really need to start carrying my camera around with me at ALL times. I really do! I say this often, but I never have it with me. Even if I did I am bound to miss those really hysterical moments anyway.

Today was one of those days that I so wished I had my camera on me. You see this cute girl pictured below. Well... she was up to no good this evening and I totally missed catching it. Usually while I make dinner Milana sits on a stool near the big freezer and waits. Sometimes patiently, but most times not. As I got dinner ready tonight I noticed her standing against a wall. I wasn't sure why she was standing there or what was going through her head. I wish I knew what she was thinking, but I don't. The next thing I hear is a splash. I turn and look and there is Milana still standing against the wall, but with her foot in the dogs water dish.
My first thought is to run and grab the camera to catch this moment so I have it to look back on forever. I can clean up the ocean that is now on my floor later. Chris is standing there trying so hard not to look at her as he is cracking up laughing. Finally I give in and go pull her out of the dog dish. She is soaked from her foot up to her thigh.

I have no clue what would posess her to do that. She sees the dogs drink out of that dish. She helps us pour water into that dish for the dogs. I guess I should have seen it coming. Come to think of it not 10 minutes before that she stuck her foot in one of the food dishes. Oh well. It sure was funny.
On another note Milana is (obviously) starting to feel better. She still has a horrible cough complete with lots of phlegm and a very runny nose. Fortunately her fever has been gone for 2 days now. Although that had been the case prior to Sunday night when her fever spiked back up to 103 degrees.
Now Riley and Peyton are sick. They both have fevers and a terrible cough. On top of that these really cute girls have headaches and stomachaches. Oh and let's not forget the sore throats. They are both just wiped out - completely exhausted.
This year we have all been off to a rough start. It seems we've all been fighting illness since Christmas. Hopefully once we all get rid of this junk we can keep sickness at bay for a little while. I don't think Peyton and Riley have missed this much school in....well ever.
I can't wait for everyone to feel better. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later. In the meantime at least we have Milana to entertain us by going for a swim in the dog dish :) Never a dull moment at this house...NEVER!!!

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  1. Guess you need to install that inground pool after all! I'm glad that she is feeling better and hopefully the big girls will be up and going soon too.