Saturday, March 12, 2011

Any Guesses???

Milana comes home from school messy every day. Not a big deal. She's 3. Kids are supposed to get dirty. I totally get that. Yesterday she came home with the shirt she went to school in so messy it was in a bag and they had to change her. The pants she had on were still on her, but covered in....something.

So I was thinking we could play a game. Any takers? It's called guess what is all over Milana's clothes. Keep in mind I have no clue what she was covered in. I don't know what it was or how it got all over her as it did. It looks like she was literally rolling around in something. Cute outfit huh? (Minus the mess of course).
No clue how she got that white stuff all over the back of her pants. She had to have sat in it, rolled in it, maybe even dumped it over the top of her head. (Yes, it was also in her hair).

As Milana's sleeves were white it is hard to see just how filthy her sleeves were, but I promise you they were filthy, had a reddish tint, and also VERY crusty!This is her shirt up close. Any ideas yet? All I can say is I am not spending money on nice clothes for this kiddo to go to school in. I'll have to save those for when she is outside rolling around in the mud :)

So....guess away on what it is AND what how it got there.


  1. Shaving Cream? Sensory play?? :)

  2. Oh my!Looks like my 5 year old when she gets home... always a mess :)

  3. Ummm...if the white stuff is sticky, then I go with glue. No, wait, that dries clear doesn't it? Fingerpaint? Shaving cream is a good guess! Smell it...I've smelled many an odd my own peril, of course. I say some spaghetti sauce based thing for the stuff on the sleeves.

  4. I say either glue or powdered sugar icing:)

  5. I'm going with chalk. And the red stuff is playground dirt. :)