Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Times

Look at me on the slide! This is so much fun :) I have learned lots of new play skills. It's so much fun to mix a leaf of lettuce in a frying pan. You should try it some time.
Big kids LOVE to play too. Doesn't matter if it is with big kid toys or little kid toys!
This girl LOVES the phone! I wonder how much longer until she asks for her own cell phone. Yikes!!!
It is amazing to watch this little one learn and grow. She does something new just about every day. Half the time we didn't realize she could do the things she does. (Hope that made sense).
What a joy my girls are! They are so much fun! Love, love, love my girls :)

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  1. Cute! All of this post is too cute! I love the pic of Milana on the phone especially. Ask her to call the folks at 31 and find out Caroline's release date for us! LOL :)
    Your friend in Hufflepuffery,