Monday, March 28, 2011

My Heart Feels Heavy These Days

My heart hurst alot these days. It all started over a year ago right after the Earthquakes in Haiti. That is when I thought about adoption for the first time. That is when I found Reece's Rainbow. Within just a few months we made a commitment to bring home a little girl with Down Syndrome. She has been home with us for 6 months now. Some days I look at her and I cry. I cry for her mother who let her go. I cry for her and for other children like her that their Mama's and Papa's gave them up because they just don't know any better. I cry for the doctors who tell these parents that their children will never learn to read or write. That they will never have a job. My heart just hurts. Yesterday I found out that these three beautiful boys all lost their families. They had someone coming to get them. I cried for them and I cried for the families who had to let them go. What a difficult decision to have to make. I am sure they are hurting and I hurt for them. There are days that I cry for those that have gone on to heaven because they never knew the love of a Mommy or a Daddy. These angels all died so young. They died in an orphanage. Some had families working hard to bring them home. Others did not. These five angels died this year. It's only March and we have lost 5 angels already. Can you see yet WHY I cry over this?

Then there is this family who is fighting for their son as we speak. They went before a judge and were told NO. They were told they could not have the boy they came to adopt because he has Down Syndrome. These people believe that he is better off in an institution than in a family. This makes me cry. I don't understand how any child would be better off in an institution than in a family.

This little boy's Mommy and Daddy love him so much. They traveled across the world for him. They are fighing to bring him home even after the judge said NO. They are appealing. There are two more families in the same region that are to go before the same judge and prosecuter. The thought that this judge will say no breaks my heart. I can only imagine how scared they all are.

Then there is this precious angel fighting for her life. Her family went to her country to adopt her and had to take her straight to the hospital from the airport. Why??

Because this is what she looked like when they peeled away her clothes to get her changed for bed. She had been bundled up in so many layers and underneath all those layers is what this amazing little girl looked like.

People wonder why I cry for these children. They wonder why I care so much. The question is WHY don't you. My heart aches for these children and it will continue to ache for these children. I won't stop advocating for them because they need a voice.

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  1. Thanks for posting your heart! I am the "Momma" of little Nikita - who past away after just turning three - my heart aches for him...thankfully he's in a better place with Jesus!