Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Times Two

Today my sweet girls turn 9 years old! It is so hard for me to believe that they are nine already. Where did the time go? They have grown so much. Can you tell they love each other? Here they are at 4. This was taken at their preschool graduation. Happy Birthday Riley :) Happy Birthday Peyton :) I just love my girls so much! Riley's kindergarten picture. I just love this picture! Peyton's kindergarten picture. I love this picture! Wow! They really have grown over the years!

Nine years ago my girls were born and immediately taken to the NICU.

Peyton was there for 4 long weeks.

Riley was there for 3 long weeks.

To look at them now you'd never know they spent a minute in the NICU!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girls! I love you so much!!!


  1. Is it normal to get emotional over OTHER people's birthday posts for their kids?? LOL...Beautiful pics, all of them!! Their eyes are such a gorgeous color. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Peyton and Riley!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! :)

    Jenn- I got your e-mail, thank you! I have been so busy that I just glance at everything and keep going!!


  3. Happy late birthday to the twins!! Jenn, thank you for your comments and yes I remember your post about it also not being all nice and rosey with adjustments to Milana. I'd love to chat soon. Maybe on yahoo messenger when i see you next. I do have a couple of questions for you! Thanks for your encouragement. Lord bless you!