Monday, March 14, 2011

Milana Loves Me & Other Random Thoughts

First I want to wish this sweet little guy a very Happy Birthday! This is Mason and he is just the sweetest little boy. He is all boy and at the same time could sit quietly just taking things in. He spent his birthday in an orphanage. Oh how I wish his family would find him soon! Did I mention what a sweetheart Mason is? Mason turned 4 years old today. Sounds like it should be a happy day, but turning 4 when living in an orphanage means it is time to go to the institution. Mason may not have long before he is transferred. PLEASE someone bring him home!Speaking of would have been my husband's father's birthday if he were still alive. He would have been 68 years old. We did celebrate Grandpa Stan's birthday with the girls by having a shamrock cookie cake which the girls enjoyed very much. They even sang a quick Happy Birthday before scarfing down their cookie cake!
I did find out what it was all over Milana's clothes on Friday. The kids were making a pinata out of paper mache for their International Festival on Friday. The teachers told all the children when their parents ask them what is all over them to tell them paper mache.
Although Milana is one of the noisiest kids I've ever met in my life she is pretty much non-verbal so she couldn't tell us what was on her :) Oh well. It was fun trying to guess!
Now for the most exciting thing of the day! We have been working on sign language with Milana and over the last month she has been putting two and three signs together (hooray). Most times when she does this she'll tell me I want food. (This drives me bonkers)!
Anyway, Chris had been signing I love Mommy with her for a while. Shortly after I came in the room he left. She and I "chatted" and I signed I love you to her. A little while later I was talking to her and she heard me say I. She then signed I (and said it - she can say hi, I, bye). So I waited and again she signed and said I and then signed love you! She did it on her own like four or five times without me doing it first! Isn't that just the cutest, sweetest, and most amazing thing??? I certainly think so!

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  1. Believe it or not, Paper Mache was in my mind but I couldn't think of what the sticky white stuff was that is used for that.

    Too sweet that Milana is voluntarily telling you that she loves you. What a heart-warming moment!