Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Want To Go NOW!!!!

I feel like the girl from Willy Wonka who is always telling her father "I want it now!!!!" I want more than anything to get on a plane and go to Milana's country so that Chris and I can start the adoption process in her country. I want more than anything for my dossier to be submitted NOW! I want to get a date for our SDA Appt NOW!!! I want to meet my little girl NOW!!!

I know I can't have those things NOW and that I have to wait. It is just getting more and more difficult to wait as each day passes. I just want my sweet girl - my daughter to be home with our family and that can't happen until I get to Eastern Europe and begin the process there.

Can you tell I'm having a tough time waiting??


  1. Oh my, by the time you go and come back you can't believe you are done and it feels like it has flown by....

    Hang in there.

  2. Didn't that girl end up being sent down the "rotten egg" chute?

    Like Gretchen said, your travel time will soon be here and then before you know it Milana will be here in Raleigh enjoying her family and her new best friend, Nadia!!!

  3. That is funny. I did think of that when I posted. She did get sent down the rotten egg chute :)
    I am just so looking forward to Milana being home with us and her playing with her soon to be best buddy Nadia:)

  4. i'm right there with you Jennifer. We sent our dossier about 10days ago and just found out by Yulia that about 3 of our docs have to be redone and sent back. I'm trying to stay positive and get them completed and sent to HOPEFULLY (fingers and toes crossed) be submitted on 7/15 when SDA opens back up.
    But I sympathize with you on the "tough time waiting".
    Keep me posted.
    Kim B :)