Monday, July 19, 2010

Lemonade anyone?

We had our yard sale on Saturday and did fairly well. Peyton and Riley had a lemonade stand in order to help raise money to bring their little sister Milana home. (They also offered kool-aid). They decided not to ask for a certain amount per cup and did donations only. (This was nice then I didn't have to worry about them having to make change and all that.

This is what their table looked like. They had a jar for donations for the lemonade. There were also Reece's Rainbow pamphlets and business cards.
Here are my little lemonade sellers posing for a picture at their table. They said it was too hot and sunny for them to open their eyes :)
Here is the poster they made for the lemonade stand. They were very proud of their work. I just love the picture of the tall glass of lemonade. They wanted a bigger picture of Milana for the center, but unfortunately our computer that is hooked up to the printer is broke :( It was nice to see people stopping to look at their sign and read the little blurb under Milana's picture.
I am really so proud of these girls for all of their efforts to help raise money to bring their sister home. They are so excited and can't wait for Milana to be here. I think at times they get as anxious to have her home as I am. They REALLY want to go with us to meet her. They are going to be amazing big sisters!!! They surely make this Mommy proud :)


  1. so sweet. Wish I didn't live so far and that coming to your fundraisers were easier.

  2. Peyton and Riley already have a heart for orphans that I pray most adults would one day have. They are going to be such great big sisters for Milana!! Wish I could have stopped by to get some of that great-tasting lemonade!!


  3. That little girls feet will never touch the ground!