Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turkish Toilets - Yuck!!

One of the things that makes me a little nervous about our trip to Eastern Europe is the bathrooms. Apparently they have a lot of what are called Turkish Toilets or Squat Toilets. Pretty nasty right?
We have been contemplating whether or not to take Riley & Peyton with us so that they can meet Milana right away and get to know her. What an amazing experience a trip like this could turn out to be. However, the toilet issue could potentially be problematic. I mean they don't look very user friendly.
So I have been showing the girls pictures of what the toilets could look like and what they may have to use if they have to go - because when you gotta go you gotta go.
So now all that is left is to practice peeing in a small hole in the ground. How else can you make it work if you don't practice?? Guys have it so much easier!
We could always luck out and not have to use the bathroom while out and about....wishful thinking I guess. We'll figure it out one way or the other. Just hope some of the stories I've heard don't happen to us. For example I don't want anyone peeing on my leg. I'm just sayin'.


  1. If it's as hot as it was when we were there you won't need to go to the bathroom hardly at all! TGIF has normal bathrooms and so do the apartments. We made sure to never need to use the bathroom at the orphanage although on the last day I REALLY had to go so luckily Marina asked the orphanage director if I could use her personal potty--very nice!!!

    You'll be ok. Take the girls. And take some Depends if it makes you feel better. :)

  2. Ewwww, I had NO idea... Thanks for the education! :)

  3. Funny Kristin. I didn't need to use it the whole trip either. I figured it was the heat, but the last day we were running and didn't have the luxury of going back to the apartment so I was panicked when I had to use the orphanage one. I didn't get the directors! It isn't that you have to pee in a little hole, you have the whole area to pee, the trick is not peeing on your own shoe. Might I recommend skirts or dresses. It sure is easier!!!! Really. I was thinking of selling t-shirts there that said "I survived a turkish toilet." And, "I nearly didn't survive a turkish toilet!" Hehe!

    It is an experience is what it is...what the heck.

  4. Congratulations on being submitted!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!