Friday, July 9, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Yesterday I got some amazing news. It looks like we will be submitted next Thursday 7/15 when the SDA reopens! I can't even begin to tell you just how thrilled I am by this. I never thought the day would come. It seemed to be taking so long. So now I am eagerly awaiting next week and hearing that we have indeed been officially submitted!!

In the meantime it seems I have yet another form to complete. I have been working on getting it for months. You see, although my dossier is complete and in Eastern Europe awaiting submittal there is still one form that needs to be redone. My doctor's medical license. Unfortunately these things have expiration dates and mine will need to be redone so that it doesn't hold things up on account of a stupid little date. (Which by the way is what screwed up that first form I had to redo). I'm hoping it is something I can carry over with me when I go rather than paying the insane amount of money it costs to mail it there.

So...if all goes well in the next week I will be submitted AND have that form completed. It has been tough to get new updated license from my doctor, but I think with the help of some friends I have found a way to get the info I need on my own and can just have the doctor sign it. Yay!!! Can't wait til next Thursday :)


  1. Hurray for next Thursday!!! I'm praying that you get the earliest travel date possible so you'd better get that yard sale in, passports finished, and start packing!!!

  2. Wow--it is amazing how fast it all happens once it starts happening!!!This last month has flown by now..and we just got home!