Saturday, July 10, 2010

What To Buy???

It has been so difficult trying to figure out what to buy for Milana. We've gotten her a few things, but we have no clue her size. So it seems each time I go out and buy something I buy a different size. Talk about an interesting mix of sizes. I figure this way at least something will fit her and once she is home we can buy her whatever it is she needs.

We are having the same problem with shoes. I am hoping I can guess well enough so she has at least one pair of shoes that aren't too small when it is time for her to come home. The sandals they have for little ones are just so adorable!

All this shopping makes me want her home more. ( the wind could blow and I want her home even more). I see all these cute outfits and just can't wait for her to have all sorts of clothes and shoes and toys and whatever it is she needs. Boy will life be different for this little girl once she is home with us. And boy will our lives be different when she comes home too. Hopefully we are just a little bit closer to that reality :)


  1. I would recommend buying 3 pairs of those inexpensie sandals at Wal-Mart. I would also rec. going with smaller sizes. The kids all seem to be really little!

  2. How old is she? I bet shopping is really hard since you don't know sizes of anything. What sort of cute outfits have you snagged?

  3. We had to trace Laurel's foot on a piece of paper and then go try to "fit" shoes at a uk. store. The were still kind of big but the best we could do. Those suckers were off the minute we hit US soil!

  4. Oh, girl! We have clothes ranging from 12 months (from our stalled Ethiopian infant girl adoption!!) to 6 for Milana and Victor! I am bringing a few 4Ts, a few 5s, and one or two 6s since I don't know how big they are! And, we purchased adjustable sandals for them! :)

    I'm so happy that you are so close!! :) I feel terrible I haven't written you back or checked your blog lately. It's just been so crazy. I am so overwhelmed. And, now this new dossier checklist?! I'm so close yet sooooooo far! :(
    BTW- GREAT JOB with your donations! I didn't realize you had so much in your grant fund! That's awesome!!!!