Friday, July 16, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

I found out yesterday that not only were we submitted, but another family adopting a child from the SAME orphanage as Milana was also submitted. It would be so nice for us to travel at the same time. We are so excited about this possibility. Cass and her husband will be bringing their 6 year old son and we are considering bringing our 8 year old girls. How nice it would be for the kids and the grown ups!

I also found out that another RR Mom is over adopting her son in the same orphanage that Milana is in. I'm not sure how I missed this and am hoping to find a way to reach her so that maybe, just maybe she could get a picture of Milana. We only have the one and it would be so nice to see what she looks like. Maybe they are in the same groupa? That would be so nice! I'd love any information I could get on her.

This is just all so exciting. Heres to hoping we can get a picture and a quick travel date :) Wouldn't it be nice?


  1. Trust me it is a blessing to meet up with other RR families. It made such a difference in my spirits!

  2. Oh I hope you are able to get connected with the family that's over there. The girls would love the experience of going over there I bet. Even better if they have an extra playmate.

  3. We met up with another RR family on our first trip to Estonia. It was wonderful! On our second trip, we would find ourselves walking around their old apartment building when we were feeling lonely. We missed them terribly, but were able to keep up via the internet. Do you have Skype? It is a MUST have! While in country, we skyped with people from all over the world who followed our blog or new us from yahoo groups. It was such a blessing!

  4. Now we only wish that someone else could get submitted and be traveling at the same time ;)

    On a side note hopefully you will be able to see my beautiful daughters, and snap a few pictures for me lol ;)