Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aqua Park

Today we had a lovely day with the Clarkes. We don't get to visit the orphanage on Sundays and so we figured we would make the most of our day. So...we decided to go to the waterpark. (It was much warmer today than yesterday). We had no clue where it was, but figured we would try to take a taxi there. We walked over to where a bunch of taxis sat waiting and asked them if they knew how to get to the waterpark. They seemed to know and so for 25 grivna we took a taxi there.

When we got there it looked closed, but the door was opened. The two workers told us they were closed because it was too cold. Cass told them no it was not too cold for us and mentioned they are from Ireland so it was definitely not too cold. It worked! They let us in. Yay Cass!!!

This is one of the many BIG splashes Chris made as he came down the waterslide. Nice huh?? You should have seen Roger's clothes after Chris came down the slide :)
This is the view of one end of the waterpark. The water was VERY cold, but it was quite sunny and warm out.
Here are the waterslides that we had a blast going down for hours. If we go again I will have to take a picture of the mats you sit on to go down the slide. I will say no more until I have a picture.
We really enjoyed our time at the waterpark. I'm not sure who had more fun the adults or Oishin. After about 3 hours it was time to head back. The only problem was none of us know our address. So thanks to Cass (yet again) she found out what Trolley we needed to take to get home. So for about 2 grivna per person we made it back to our apartment.

We temporarily parted ways, but only long enough for the Clarke's to get some of their dishes and the rack to their stove and then head back to our place. (Neither of us have a full set of silverware or dishes and the racks to our stover are far too big). We all ran to the market to grab some food for dinner. It took forever to cook because it seems most meals whether dining in or out take an enormous amount of time to make. The problem this time was that our pilot light in the gas oven went out and we didn't realize it. We did get to eat eventually and as always we got to chat.
Although we are enjoying are time here it is difficult not having the girls Especially on a day like today where they would have really enjoyed the water park. We will definitely all go as a family real soon :)


  1. You had the whole place to yourself! how great!

  2. MAn!!!! I am really sorry I missed that trip!! SOunds like you all are having a great time. We are going to celebrate Independence Day with the Savages from NY tomorrow evening!! Blessings sid&wen+10