Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Much Cooler Day

When we got to the orphanage this morning and up to Milana's groupa the kids were still dressed for bed. Milana and to other children were getting dressed at the same time. One little girl came over and gave me a BIG hug! Then she hugged Milana and they gave each other a kiss. It was so cute. Then we all hugged some more and finished getting dressed to go outside. As you can tell Milana is dressed much warmer today than she has been. The temperature dropped a good 30 degrees since yesterday. It was warm if you stood in the sun, but if not it was a little cool. There was also a breeze which litterally would knock Milana over. A couple times we watched her sway back and fourth with the wind.
There are several little covered outdoor areas for the children to play in. Many of them have swings in them and various things such as this little toy Milana is playing with.
And these little bikes. This girl LOVES these bikes. This particular one was nice because she could reach the ground and move all by herself. There are some with pedals and she seems to know what she needs to do, but can't reach them so we just push her. The funny thing is there are so many of these little bikes and she will just go from one to the other until she finds something else that catches her eye.
She is desparate to get into the sandboxes. Fortunately they have been closed most days so we can avoid it, but even still she will go right to it and grab the handle and try to pull it open. Then she looks at you like "Would you open this up already?" She is something this little one :)
One thing we did notice about our visit today is that Milana is enjoying us more and more. She gave us TONS of kisses and really likes to snuggle. We just love her so much! She is a doll! (And VERY BUSY)!!
Shortly after we were home from our visit we got a call that we needed to go to the notary again. We thought we had all of our documents ready, but now we needed a new one. It sounded like it is one they had never needed before. This was fine. Violetta picked us up and took us to the notary. We didn't get tea this time :( We signed more papers and we headed back home.
We met up with the Clarke's again this afternoon and headed to the park to play frisbee with Oishin. He is a sweetheart. Although he told me I was too small for frisbee and I'm not sure what that means. He also told Cass & I at one point to work on it (meaning our frisbee game) and left us with the frisbee to practice. I guess we aren't very good at frisbee :)
Tonight for dinner we all headed to Chelsea for dinner. It was very good. Our waitress was great. We were there for hours!! I think we spent at least four hours there, but we had a great time talking and just hanging out! It is so nice to have other families with you on this amazing journey!


  1. happy that it cooled down a bit :)
    hugs to your adventures!!!
    praying all your paperwork is done so you can have court!
    Oison is a pip :)

  2. I'm SO jealous that it dropped 30 degrees. I won't even tell my boys. ha ha Love seeing Milana in a jacket. I can't wait for all of the cute fall clothing for Nadia to wear. OK, it's time to get this show on the road--court this week perhaps??? :)

  3. happy that you got a break in the weather! Milana is so sweet on that little bike!