Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Back Again....

We wandered around aimlessly again today and decided to take some more pictures of the beautiful churches we came across. Not sure exactly what church this was. We think it might be St. Michael's, but we aren't sure. What we do know is that it was beautiful. This was the ceiling on one of the underpasses as we walked into the grounds. This was on the wall of the underpass.

Here is the church itself. Isn't it just beautiful???

It is just amazing how many churches there are here and how pretty they are. They don't make churches like this anymore.
On another note we are still having phone troubles. Our phone does NOT work in the least. So we had to come back to SDA today to pick up some paperwork and since our phone was dead and we were already out and about we decided to walk. We didn't know how to call our facillitators so we ended up going into the British Embassy (we just happened to walk past it) and they let me use the phone to call. Hopefully they will give us a knew phone. We are also hoping to get a modem for our computer so that we don't have to go out to use the internet. This time we are in Cafe du Paris which is right near the SDA building.
Okay...I guess that is all for now :)


  1. The internet access thing stinks but you're definitely making the most of your time in Kyev which is exactly what you need to do! Enjoy your daughter's country and the memories you and Chris are making together!

    Love the fountain picture--you look like you're on your honeymoon! woo woo!

  2. I'm just catching up b/c we've been out of town. Good for you enjoying yourself. The baby pic is THE CUTEST!! The story about the mascot dog thingy made me laugh out loud. Run away! Ask Serge to find you a UTEL modem. They were wonderful. A bit expensive (about $100 but so worth it!!) Can't wait to see pics of you meeting your new baby girl.


  3. Well it is Sunday night for you!! The night before you meet your new baby girl!!!!
    woo hoo!!!
    try to sleep!! Lots of running around to do paperwork tomorrow.