Thursday, August 12, 2010

SDA Appt

We had our SDA appt yesterday (Thursday 8/12/10). It was scheduled for noon. I had such a difficult time sleeping the night before. Not because I wasn't tired, but because I kept waking up thinking I needed to get up and get ready for our appt. Chris kept telling me not to worry because it wasn't until noon. I told him that they could call any time and we would have to be ready in minutes. Well....eventually I fell asleep and the phone woke me up at about 9:15am. It was Nico telling me a taxi would be there to get us in 10 minutes.

So...I ran to the bathroom to turn on the shower and then realized I hadn't unpacked the shampoo, body wash, etc. So I ran back to look for it. Nope couldn't find where I put any of it. Of course not. Why would I be able to?? In the end I turned off the shower and opted to put on some deoderant and throw on some clothes. Fortunately for me my hair was much better than it is most days. (I don't have the get up and go kind of hair).

We went outside to look for our taxi. At first we got in the wrong taxi. Fortunately Yulia called us because our phone wasn't working. She was able to speak to the taxi driver and then told us this wasn't our taxi. We got back out and saw yet another taxi. Yulia talked to this driver as well. Nope, not ours. So we waited. Finally we saw another taxi, but our phone wasn't working and we couldn't call anyone. The driver did not speak English and we do not speak Ukranian or Russian. He did manage to ask us the address which we had written in Russian. Yay!! This WAS our taxi driver. He let us use his phone "Free" he told us and we got ahold of Niko who told him where to bring us.

He made a stop on the side of the road and we picked up Serge. I knew right away who it was from all the pictures I've seen of him on various blogs. Now we were off to the SDA. He was taking us early to see if both the family who had an early appt and Chris and I could all go in early. This is the sign outside the door at the SDA.
Here we are standing in front of the sign at the SDA after our appt. Which went very well. (We look pretty good for people who hadn't showered since they left the US Tuesday morning don't we)??
At our appointment we were so fortunate to get this. A baby picture of Milana. Don't you just love it?? She is so adorable. Can you believe how dark her hair is??? And look at those pudgey cheeks. What a doll!!! I just want to pick her up right out of that picture and hold her! I just can't wait to meet her on Monday. Oh and look at the outfit. I thought it was interesting it says Bee Happy in English. I just love this picture!!! There was another one in her file, but they would not part with that one. It was a fairly recent one so I am ok with that. I am really just thrilled to have this. What a special gift!!


  1. Good Luck and you are in my thoughts and prayers....

  2. I can't believe her dark hair!!! What a sweet picture! You're very fortunate they gave that one to you--it's really good!

    Don't worry about showers. My boys could give you vivid descriptions of how most of the people "over there" smelled most of the time!:) You'll fit right in! ha ha

  3. What a sweet picture! Love those cheeks! Did you bring a photo of her in case they wanted to "exchange" it with you?