Monday, August 23, 2010

Holding Back A Little

This girl is just a ray of sunshine! When we got to the orphanage this morning Milana was already outide with her groupa. At first we had trouble finding her as some of the kids had the same clothes on. As soon as we saw her we headed over and she welcomed us with open arms and lots of noise. Her caretaker and I got her dressed and then one of the little girls in the groupa who we just adore was helping Milana put on her shoes. It was so precious!

Then we were off to do our thing. Daddy and Milana did a lot of bouncing around. I could never get her face when she jumped up in the air (with Daddy's help of course). Each time she got to the ground Milana bent her knees in preparation for another jump. After awhile she tired Chris right out! I had lots of snuggle time with Milana today. She is quite the cuddler. I enjoyed every minute of that!
Today was the first time we saw this sweet ride. Milana LOVES this! The battery does not work so it has a rope attached to the front so you can pull the children in it. I tried and tried to catch the giant smile on Milana's face as Chris pulled her in this, but I couldn't. After many, many times around the orphanage Chris & I were not only tired, but dripping with sweat. When it was time to move on to something else this girl was less than thrilled.

Here Milana is once again trying to break into the sandbox. She goes to the handle each time and pulls with everything she's got. Unfortunately for her - it isn't enough. I'm okay with her staying out of the sandbox though.

I have to admit that I have been holding back a little. On Friday last week there were rumors of a court date. Then on Saturday we needed another document and we were worried that this would throw off our court date and push it further out. After we got the document done and Violetta took all the documents to the court she called us back and we do have a date. Please pray that all goes according to schedule!!!


  1. Yay!! For the court date:) A little jealous. lol SHe is soooooo beautiful. Wish you guys were closer. Miss hanging out with ya!! give Milana a kiss from us:)

  2. When is the date you stinker? This is like reading a mystery novel!!! Allen had you for prayer time this morning and he asked for a swift court date and that the 10-day wait period would be waived! So....when is the actual date?

    Milana truly is a ray of sunshine with that golden head of hair!!!

  3. What a little doll baby! Best Wishes : )

  4. Well, she just sounds like a bundle of joy! Thanks for sharing your experience... I pray that I can take a similar journey someday.

  5. Praying for you and court day. We are also adopting from Ukraine. Should travel mid-november.

  6. hey! it's

    Glad things are going well!!!!

  7. Praying, praying for that court date. At least you are with your baby though, even if she's wearing you out left and right. :-)