Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trying To Catch Up

This adorable picture here is from our visit yesteray. I love it because Milana is looking at two of her three big sisters. In this particular picture Riley & Peyton are holding the dog they made for Milana at Build A Bear. Theyare going to be such wonderful big sisters. While we were enjoying our visit yesterday we got a call from Violetta. (Not usually a good sign). She informed us we need ANOTHER document for court and that Sasha would go and get it. I asked her if this would have an impact on our court date and delay us and she said it would not. After the visit and lunch Chris and I headed to the park with Roger and Oishin. (Cass wasn't feeling well). This plane is at the park. There are also some old run down carnival rides. (Not sure why the picture is turned this way, but as I already lost my entire blog due to this crazy computer I am not going to attempt to fix another thing). There is also a beautiful fountain at the park. I would have included a picture of it, but there were no Monkey Men in it so I figured it wouldn't be as fun. Actually I was quite glad we haven't seen anymore Monkey Men, but I figure that is probably because we aren't with Sid. If he were with us who knows what we'd run into :)
Last night we went out with Cass, Roger, and Oishin and enjoyed a concert. Monday was Flag Day here and yesterday was Independence Day. In celebration the streets were closed off and there was a concert outside. It was fun. Not only did we listen to some music in a foreign language, but we also heard some familiar music as well. They put on a Lady Gaga song and also they played Funky Town. Pretty sweet huh?
Today we had a really long visit with Milana. We got picked up earlier so that Sasha could drop us off at the orphanage and then get on his way so that he could go get that document we need for court.
During our visit we gave Milana some juice in the sippy cup we bought her yesterday. She was so content to sit there until she finished every last drop. There is a little boy in her groupa who is also being adopted and he came over to see if he could have some juice too. She did share, but she would also tease him. She'd reach her arms out with the cup towards him and when he'd attempt to sip it she'd pull it away. The two of them laughed so hard. It was really adorable.
When she tired of that and noticed the others drinking water she climbed down off the bench and walke over to anyone who had a water bottle yelling the whole time. (It was quite funny). And of course everyone gave her some of their water.
Here she is with the water bottle she pretty much took from Roger. She came towards me with it in hopes that I would give her some. She was out of luck with me so she tried Chris. We eventually hid the bottle on her so we could return it to its rightful owner.
Later in the afternoon we headed to the Water Park with Cass & Oishin. It was quite warm out so we figured we might as well cool off in the water. When we finished up at the Water Park we all met up for dinner at Silver. Roger who opted to stay home from the water park joined us as well. As always we had a nice time. It really has been great to have another family to share this time with. Although I have to admit I am a bit upset. I never did have my pancakes with icecream :( Maybe tomorrow!!!


  1. Ok lets try this again I tried once and it didn't post my comment :(

    Sounds like you all had a fun visit :) I love the sippy cup part and her taking everyone's water...she knows she is too cute :)

  2. Oh and I love the dress and hat!!!

  3. I drove past your house this morning and prayed for Peyton and Riley to have a great first day of school (even without their Mama). I'm sure they did great today!

    LOVE Milana's crocheted hat! Did you bring that along? If so, where did you get it?

    WHEN IS COURT??? Is it a secret or did I just miss the date in one of your posts?


  4. I'm looking forward to more picture of little Milana in that cute little hat of hers. It sure sounds like ya'll are keeping plenty busy! Keep taking pictures. :-)

  5. ok I am confused, I saw the plane at the park but where was a water park? Sure wished you all had been there with me looks like you all having a lot more fun than I did. Glad things are going good for you, tell Violette hey and I miss her I sent her an email but not sure she got it she hasn't responded. Well I think of you everyday and hope everything is going smoothly.

  6. Hey..We tried to call you but couldn't get through for some reason. If you get a chance call us. Excited for your court date. We rode to SDA with Nikko & Yulia to pick up the last of your documents so that could put them on the overnight train!! Yay!!!!