Monday, August 30, 2010

A Long Day

Today was a long day. I got up bright and early and got ready to go to the orphanage and then got a text saying I wasn't going for another hour. No big deal. Although I could have slept in. Oh well. Maybe another day.

When I got to the orphanage Milana came running to me and as always was excited to see me. (Although really she is excited to see everyone). She seemed to notice right away that Chris wasn't there. When I picked her up she kept looking behind me to see if she could find him. We had a nice time playing. I love this little truck. It is so funny to me that at (almost) 3 Milana is small enough to fit into it. All the kids seem to love it. I have seen them pushing each other in it.
Here is my girl trying to climb up the slide. Wrong way silly!! You go down the slide...not up!!!

After our visit at the orphanage I came back to the apartment and waited around in hopes that someone would come replace my lightbulb. No one did. I gave up waiting after 2 hours and headed out with Cass. We wandered about and did some shopping. I bought Milana a few things that should fit her. Everything I brought is much too big for this tiny little girl.
For dinner I joined the Clarke's at their place and enjoyed some good company and conversation. Oh and of course good tea :)


  1. I have been following your blog!! Blessings to everyone! Safe travels to all and I can not wait to meet Milana! Liam and Caroline have been looking at all the pictures of Peyton and Riley's new sister! You are in my thoughts and prayers....

  2. Oh what a blessing Jen that the Clark's are there!!!! I am loving reading about your journey!

  3. How cute that she noticed that Chris wasn't there. Praying that these days go quickly for you and Milana so you can get back to NC where you belong!!!

  4. We enjoy following your blog. Praise the Lord Milana is already adjusting to being your daughter. That's wonderful. We're looking forward to going to pick up Sophie from the same orphanage soon, prayerfully this year!!