Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Little Rock Star

I had another lovely visit with my little one today. We arrived bright and early and the kids were already outside. As soon as Milana saw me she got very excited and was trying to run over to me. One of her caretakers stayed right with her and held her hand so she wouldn't fall down. It was so nice to scoop her up and hug her tight! I have to say that this girl fits right in with our family already. All of my girls know how to rock a hat. Check out this cutie with her hat on backwards. She is too much! We have been doing our best during visits to keep Milana out of the sandbox. Even when it is closed she will walk over to it and tug on the handles with ALL her might. Today she not only spotted an open sandbox, but some of her friends were in it as well so as much as I don't like sandboxes I gave in. She spent quite some time in the sandbox, but after she ate sand a few times I figured enough was enough. We were both covered in sand from head to toe!
Look at my little rock star! Don't you just love the shades!!! One of her little friends saw her with the shades on and she came over and sat down with Milana and tried them on as well.

I was amazed today by how long Milana sat in a stroller and let me push her around. She was climbing into one today and the caretaker let me use it to push her in it. She LOVED it!! One of her little friend's whom Chris really likes came over and helped me push her in the stroller (which really is funny because he isn't any bigger than she is). The caretaker he was with kept telling him to come with her and he kept shaking his head no at her. It was really very funny because we have also heard him tell them Nyett! He is the only one we have seen or heard do that. He is very determined!!!


  1. She absolutely rocks that hat! I'm not a fan of sandboxes either, but if it keeps her smiling with her little friends...roll with it. :-)

  2. How cute! So neat she was so excited to see you.. awwwwww :)