Thursday, August 12, 2010


I can't believe we are finally here in Kyiv. We left Tuesday afternoon (8/11/10) and started our journey by heading to DC. Then from DC we headed to Frankfurt, Germany. (Or the hotdog place as Peyton and Riley like to call it). From Germany we got on this plane and headed to Kyiv. The flight from DC to Germany was great they fed us twice once at dinner time and then we got breakfast at midnight our time (although it was 6am German time). The flight from Germany to Kyiv was only a couple hours. It was the most difficult flight for me, but I think it was because I was so tired. I hadn't slept since Monday night. (I woke up Tuesday at about 6:30 am and didn't sleep until last night sometime so I was up for about 36 plus hours straight).

Finally we arrived here in Kyiv. This is the outside of the airport. It was difficult to get into the airport. We had a form to fill out to get in and of course we didn't fill it out correctly so they sent us back to fix it and then we had to get back in line. Fortunately the 2nd time we did it right and we were allowed in.

After collecting our bags we headed out where we found Niko waiting for us with our name pinned to his shirt. Niko is so sweet. He was the driver who picked us up and got us situated at our apartment. He helped us change out some money, gave us our phone (which doesn't work very well) gave us his number and was on his way.
We didn't rest much last night. We sat around for a while before heading off to do some exploring and heading to Fridays. (Which is where we are again right now). We don't have internet access in our apartment and we get it here at Fridays which is nice.
All in all things are going great. We had our SDA appt today and we did lots of exploring and took lots of pictures. I'll get to all of that later.


  1. So glad you're there and getting the process rolling! Fun times ahead--especially in a few days when you get to FINALLY meet Milana! You'd better post ASAP on that day!! :)


  2. I am so glad you are there and had your SDA already! How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear more about it all! Hope you can get some rest now!