Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look At Her Go

As always we had a lovely visit with Milana. We are really going to have to keep our eyes on this one. When we arrived this morning I went up to get her. All the children in her groupa were still eating breakfast. Of course she saw me and immediately started yelling and trying to get to me. I literally blinked and the next thing I saw was her kneeling on the table with her arms reaching out to me. (If only I had the camera ready).

As you can see she really is a good climber. We will have to find a way to block off the stairs so she can't wander up them on her own. And believe me when I say that she will try. She really is quite independent! Here is our girl trying to get the bubble wand into the bubbles. She is able to do it, but it took a couple of times. She isn't quite sure how to blow the bubbles. Although by accident she did it once. She holds the bubble wand in the wrong place and blows. She also tries to stick the bubble wand in her mouth. I can't imagine it tastes very good!
Yesterday Milana had some of the banana that Cass brought for Allina so today I brought the girls their snack. As you an see she loves bananas. This little thing ate the entire banana and then wanted MORE!!!!

Milana absolutely loves music. Most days they play music and you can hear it outside. It is quite nice. When Milana hears it she will stop and dance. Today there was no music on so at first I was singing to her and she was dancing away. Then Chris played the Notre Dame fight song on his Ipod and this little one was dancing away. I guess that is a good sign :)

Here Milana was really upset because Chris had actually let her hold the Ipod and she was loving holding it and dancing, but when the wind blows this little thing literally gets knocked over and down she went. So Chris took the Ipod back and needless to say Milana was very unhappy. And she does not forget. It is really hard to move her on to a different activity when she still wants to do the one you are moving her away from.

After our visit we had to go to the notary so that we could sign Power of Attorney forms so that Chris can leave and go home. We did this back in NC, but you also have to do this here. We were worried at first when we started trying to get him on the train out of here because there wasn't any space for days and days. Fortunately we were able to book a flight out of here. He is just leaving sooner than we inteded and spending a few days in the capital city. On a positve note he doesn't have to spend 15 hours on the train :)
Chris will take care of the paperwork he needs to do on Monday and then will fly home on Tuesday. The girls are so excited that he is coming home!! I can't wait until it is my turn to come home with Milana so that we can all be together.


  1. Wow! The pictures of Milana are wonderful! You are correct, you will definitely have to watch that little wonderer,haha! She looks like she is doing fabulous! Happy you all made there ok and everything is going great! We are also adopting from EE and will be there before you know it! Hope you be a follower of our blog!

  2. Gates and other toddler-proofing measures are going to be an absolute must with this girl!

    Um...about the Notre Dame fight song. I'll make sure she gets to hear the fight song of a REAL college football team when she gets back to NC!!!


  3. Marissa is a music lover too. She hears a tune and will start to shake it up. :-) MIlana is just beautiful! love the picture of her going up the stairs.

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  6. Milana is a doll! So happy for your family!

  7. She is just adorable!!!


  8. Hi! We are adopting Sophie and I think she's in the same orphanage as your Milana (same curtains in the background of her only picture). Would love to get more in contact with you. Is her orphanage #31 in the city of L.(very eastern tip of the country)? If so, that's where we'll be going soon (prayerfully) to get Sophie. Have you seen other kids from that orphanage besides Milana? Sophie is on our page - Wishing you success and God speed. Would love to connect when you are able. Luba.