Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today after our visit with Milana we had some paperwork to do. We went to the Notary's Office and had to sign papers and all sorts of fun stuff like that. I thought buying a house was bad with all the papers you sign. Let me tell you that is nothing compared to this.

As we sat there a woman brought us all some tea. She asked if we wanted sugar and we told her yes please. (Keep in mind all of this is being translated). So as she goes to get our sugar Sasha - who is our facillitator who does not speak any English tells her that we would also like some chocolate. Everyone got a laugh out of that.

We got back to business and after we finished the paperwork (and the tea which was delicious) we showed the woman our pictures of our family. She really enjoyed looking at them and told Violetta (our translator) that our house looks like those they see in American movies. They all thought that the girls look like me :) After looking at the pictures the notary said that the girls were very beautiful.

It was funny because they all could not figure out why we would adopt a little girl if we already have 3 girls. They thought maybe we would want a little boy. We all know I want a little boy, but it just wasn't meant to be this time. I found out the notary has two little girls and Sasha has two boys. He said that he feels bad for Chris being the only man in the house.

Before we left I took her card (which is not in English) and Sasha gave me the pen to keep. I had Violetta read what the pen said on it. It was the name of some kind of Vodka and on the other side it says something like It is not the price its the quality. Sasha thinks after court we should get some of that Vodka and try it out. Who knew he was such a character?

It turns out we need one more document that we did not have so Sasha was going to get it yesterday. Hoping today we have everything we need and we will find out soon when we will have court.

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  1. OK. I posted a comment this morning. Where is it??? Anyway, hoping you have a quick court date and that we get to see Milana here in NC in the next few weeks!!!

    Love, Kristin