Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Just Have To Laugh

When we got to the orphanage today we went upstairs to get Milana. As soon as the door opened and she saw us she immediately extended those little arms and you could see how excited she was that we were there. We went outside and did our best to keep up with this busy little girl. I did get a kiss from her. It was so cute when she puckered those lips. This time she had more fun playing with my mouth than giving out kisses. Oh well. What can you do?
Milana's laugh is so contagious! She is such a happy and social little girl. She just LOVES kids and adults. She wanted to play with her friends or at least wave hello to them. We played like crazy and then.....she saw more adults coming outside. I'm not talking the normal adults who are always there. She saw a potential Mommy & Daddy and then she started walking to them with her arms stretched out and getting excited. I couldn't help but laugh. She was just so cute walking over to where they were. I just walked with her and held her hand as she went up and hugged someone else's future Mommy. Soon she will know that I'm her Mommy. I can't wait for that day!!! For now I am really just enjoying all of the time I have with her each day.

We must have done a fairly good job of tiring her out at least a little. Of course right after this she got down and ran around like crazy some more. I do love this picture though. It is just so precious. Milana and her Daddy :)
We love this little girl so much. It is just so amazing every minute we have here with her. She is so much fun! I can not wait for her to be ours!


  1. She is so cute! I can't wait to give her some kisses and for her and Nadia to blow kisses to each other!!!

    Love the picture of Milana on Chris' shoulder too! She's going to have him wrapped!


  2. Oh she is so cute! She sounds like such a little character!! :) Love that little knitted hat!

  3. Aw, she is so adorable! Her hair sure has grown from her RR photo! I am so happy that you finally get to be with your daughter :-)