Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Miss Busy Body

When we arrived at the orphanage Milana was already outside with her groupa. As soon as she saw us walking towards her she tried to break free of the groupa and extended her arms out to us to take her. I picked her up and held her while she finished eating her cookie. Then I put her down and she led us over to this little swing. She stayed on it for a very short time and then she was on to other things.
She went down the slide several times. Boy does she love to slide!! She wandered all around waving to everyone she saw and blowing kisses at them. She certainly had MUCH more energy today.

We did sit for a while and look at books, pictures, and play with toys. While we were doing this one little girl from Milana's groupa came over and sat right down on Chris's lap. A few minutes later when Milana had moved towards Chris the little girl came and sat with me and we looked at books. Soon after a little boy from the groupa came over to join us. They didn't stay with us too long. One of the caretakers took them away to go play on the slide - yes that wonderful slide Milana loves so much!

I got very tired from pushing Milana in a circle around the garden of flowers while she "rode" on the little tricycle. She was so cute trying to reach the pedals. She knew just what needed to be done, but she just couldn't reach. After awhile I let Chris take over and do the pushing. It got hot quick!

When the groupa went inside we got to stay outside a while longer and play. Milana found a bucket filled with acorns and a couple other toys and was content to dump it out and then put the items that were dumped out back in. Then she spotted the backpack again and took EVERYTHING out and practically climbed inside. If I could only have gotten a picture fast enough when she had her head all the way inside of it. She is such a riot and has this amazing laugh.

I can't wait for my girls at home to meet Milana they are going to love her and of course she will love them as well. She already enjoys looking at their pictures and giving them kisses :)


  1. I have been praying and praying for you. I miss you!!! I love the updates and can't WAIT to meet dear, sweet Milana!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wonder if Joel is in her groupa?? Maybe not since he's so young...just curious! If so, I'd LOVE a picture! ;)

    She's stunning!! So happy for you guys!

  3. She's just beautiful! How cute that she loves to slide! Milana is a gonna love to meet your other girls!

  4. Hey she is beautiful, don't think I saw the whole time that I was there. It was so nice meeting you wished you would have been here the whole time it was nice having someone to talk to. Well good luck and I will be following your blog hope you don't run into any bumps on the way. We are suppose to fly out in the morning. Good Luck and have a great time getting to know your new daughter.

  5. Mercy, she is cute. We can't wait to meet her!